vendredi 29 septembre 2017

New HTML5 sim: Pendulum Lab

We just published our latest HTML5 sim, Pendulum Lab.
Play with one or two pendulums and discover what changes the period. Collect data to build models. Display vectors, explore energy, or take your system to another planet.
Check it out on our website or in the iPad app or Android app and please share the news with your Physics and Math friends!
Pendulum Lab HTML5
Sample learning goals:
  • Design experiments to determine which variables affect the period of a pendulum
  • Quantitatively describe how the period of a pendulum depends on these variables
  • Explain the small-angle approximation, and define what constitutes a “small” angle
  • Determine the gravitational acceleration of Planet X
  • Explain the conservation of mechanical energy, using kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy
  • Describe the Energy Graph from the position and speed of the pendulum

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